RSI is a bi-monthly business mastermind forum, founded in the Pacific Northwest in 2016.

RSI was created to disrupt the traditional business networking model, instead operating as a high level education and development community for those seeking greater impact.


RSI is a member run business mentorship organization providing peer advisory boards, private coaching sessions, faith focused small groups, and a TED® style educational platform for small to medium-sized businesses.


If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, or executive, and desire access to such a community, RSI is for you.


Access to Highly Experienced Educators

Our monthly speakers share their unique worldviews in addition to the intangibles that set them apart from the average business POV.


If you choose to do so, you can apply their strategies immediately. 


Intimate and Provocative Masterminds

Once a month, our members dive deeper into the previous session's teachings. These mastermind sessions are intended to encourage and challenge each individual.

Everyone is unique. Can you apply what you've learned? Should you?


Cellular Level Networking

Traditional business networking can be fraught with frustration, anxiety, and ultimately a waste of time and resources.


Wouldn't it be wise to get to know people to a degree where a future referral was a sure thing? This happens here.


Our members are in the relentless pursuit of an exceptional life. 

Are you willing to set yourself apart?  We believe the answer is already inside of you, seeking communion and a deeper relationship. 

RSI stands ready to help you discover your true identity, unleash your newfound superpowers and point you towards your destiny.

Register today for an upcoming meeting and discover the power of commitment to your truest purpose. 


Want to know how to join RSI or have a question for our team?


Ethics.   Morals.   Values.


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